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Brand of silver 925 jewelry, design and handmade in Portugal.

Simple with attitude, this brand has born as an independent design house of minimalist jewelry always with an eye on trendy and vintage inspirations…

While Modaya is new to the world, our jewelry goes back over 60 years. We’re proud to build on our rich legacy to bring you finely crafted jewelry to match your style and personality. Experience the best in luxury and craftsmanship with Modaya. Ethically sourced & made in LA. Every day is a special occasion with Modaya. Elevate your look with classic, timeless jewelry that perfectly matches your style.

Invest in yourself with Modaya. All our jewelry is made with 14 Karat Gold. Why? There are many reasons but mainly because gold is an immortal commodity. While systems of money and debt have come and gone, gold has and will always remain an extraordinary element.