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14K Gold Pisces Pendant Necklace

From $400

14 Karat Solid Gold with 1.5 mm Certified Round Brilliant Diamond


Modaya’s 14k Gold Pisces Pendant for late-February to mid-March birthdays. The Pisces, otherwise known as the Fish, is known for their creativity, empathy and generosity.

Each zodiac pendant is custom made in Los Angeles in 14 Karat Solid Gold with a 1.5 mm VS Quality F-G color round Brilliant Diamond.

  • What does the term "Full-Tang" mean?
  • "Full-Tang" refers to knives where the blade goes all the way down through the handle to the end of the grip.
  • What is a bolster, and what benefits does it provide?
  • A knife bolster is the thick section between the handle and the blade, and it strengthens the knife, and gives better balance and control. However, there is much disagreement on whether or not it is necessary.
  • What are the differences between forged and laser-cut stamped knives?
  • Forged knives are stronger and retain their edge longer than stamped knives, which have more flexible blades. In the case of Wusthof, their forged knives go through 40 different steps in their factory, where the laser-cut knives go through 14 steps. Also, their forged knives include a bolster, which balances the knife and protects fingers, although bolsters can also be added to laser-cut knives. Laser-cut stamped knives can be of excellent quality too, however, and they are more economically priced.

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